Set a bank threshold?

Not sure if this is something that would interest other people too, but I would love the option to set a cash limit on how much I would like to remain in my bank account which Plum responds to.
I know there is the option to stop saving when you hit £0, but I’d like the same functionality with a designated amount by the user.
Eg. Say I don’t want to dip below £250 in my personal account (just in case), then Plum would look at my actual balance and adjust the amount saved accordingly.
I don’t think it would need to be super responsive - if it dipped a bit below then fine - but could be a great way to add more control for users who love the saving element of Plum.


Hi David :wave:

That sounds like a great idea!

Thanks so much for the feedback, I will definitely pass along your feedback on this to the Product team.



This should be possible with open banking bank feeds. But it is very complex as banks report balances in different ways. The software company I work for, have been working on a balance at bank feature and it has taken them over a year to get it right.

In addition to being able to set an ‘at bank balance’ limit, it might also be possible to set a maximum value on the amount saved either by transaction or total per month.
Love the app and the way it works, the more you think about it the more useful control tweaks come to mind to ensure there is always enough money left in the bank account.
Cheers all. Thanks for listening.

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