Should I cancel my savings standing order?

I have a “dumb” standing order of 350 a month to go from my current account to my generic savings account (which is also linked) just after payday.
My question is, if I cancel that, will the plum algorithm pick up on that drop in outgoings and start automatically putting that aside, plus whatever it would normally take? Is it that aggressive?
I’m aware I could add a “pay day rule”, but I was hoping it might be a bit smarter than I can be, especially on months where I end up having to dip into the savings to cover a shortfall, and I lose the interest for that month.
Is there any way of working out what value is likely to be taken, or is “Normal” behaviour aiming to just drain whatever’s available spare?

Hi @Orion :wave:

Our algorithm analyses your transactions and put aside affordable amount for you.

You can give it a try and check if this eventually will work.

In case you need and assistance don’t hesitate to contact us at

Thank you!