Thinking of signing up

Hi im thinking of signing up to Plum. Anyone got any tips or advice or good and bad experiences?

Hi @chrisski33 :wave:

For more information, you can check Plum Help Center here

Thank you


As my message said im looking for advice and experiences from users


What are you hoping to get from it?
I signed up as putting money away never happened, so I’ve found it great for automatic saving. But after using it for some time it’s actually got me “into” saving. My savings go automatically into an investment ISA, I’ve set it to beast mode (to save lots) and round ups to increase it further. It’s helped me reduce a loan that I’ve had since 2010, it be paid fully in a few months, and set me up for serious saving going forward. I now understand investing better, have separate investments outside of plum in shares and highly speculative money in cryptocurrency.
So for me plum has been great, although the fact I was looking for it to begin with means I probably was on this path anyway.
You’ve got nothing to lose (really, you don’t) and it can make real difference. Give it a go.

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