True Balance Issue. Again

Another month, another unreliable True Blanace.

This time, it’s not showing at all. I can’t Sven go in to check my incomings and outgoings are set up, no indication of a True Balance anywhere.

Perhaps it has disabled itself, but I can’t remember how to activate it!

That’s a shame. I can only think of try force closing app and trying again.

If that’s doesn’t work, best to contact support team at

If I remember correctly - I spoke to support about this a week or two ago as TB had disappeared. They removed the feature as they felt it was too inaccurate to provide proper value. They’re working on an alternative. I thought it was a shame as TB and the diagnostics were always pretty helpful to me. Yeah, it didn’t pick up the regular payments so I had to change the outgoing date each month to get an accurate number - but was still helpful.

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Ouch, that sucks, it was the main reason I signed up for Plum Pro!

Thanks for the reply though.

Its never been available on Android!! I switched from IOS nearly a year ago and used to love the feature. Even if not perfect, it was still a good tool