What does the "earnings" value represent?

In the Plum app, when you start, there is a box that states “Investments” with a large font size £ value, and a smaller “earnings” value.

What does the “earnings” value represent? Total investment earnings over all time? Today’s profit/loss? This week?

Also, is there any detailed history of this “earnings” figure?

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Your overall Fund Total also includes your Earnings £, and so the Return % is calculated against your original investment amount (which is the Fund Total minus the Earnings).

Please note that any figures shown will not account for pending orders, which are essentially not invested yet.

Example: If your deposits to investments are 10 pounds and your earnings are 2 pounds then the overall balance would be 12 pounds. Currently our dedicated team is working to add more details on the earnings section.

More information about Plum investments can be found on our FAQ page.

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So, if I invest £10:

Day 1: Earnings £0 Total investment value: £10
Day 2: Earnings £1 Total investment value: £11
Day 3: Earnings -£5 Total investment value: £5 (not £11 - £5 = £6)

It’s my total + or - on my initial investment, not an increase/decrease on yesterday’s or last weeks value.

(For reference, this is hidden away here https://intercom.help/withplum/en/articles/4665183-understanding-the-investment-feature) - see part B of the screenshot.

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Hello John,

Yes, any profit or loss is illustrated on your investment value.

When you invest with Plum, your day-to-day earnings are going to depict the stock’s performance in that day.

Hope this is helpful.