What’s your most creative money saving tip?

Hello everyone! My name is Shannon and I am a personal finance nerd. I’ve tried every app, every technique, read every forum, and I love love love finding out new and interesting ways people manage their money. :heart_eyes:

That is without a doubt the thing I find most fun about personal finance - that it’s so personal, and the only limit to what you can do is your creativity (and bank balance of course…)

For me, my favourite way to save money is having an automated set up, so you don’t need to think about it. Plum is of course HEAVILY involved in this, but more than that, I have it so that every time I spend money that I don’t need to spend (you know… takeaways when we have food in the fridge, the usual) I have it set up so that some money will automatically go towards my “self improvement” fund, which is where my gym membership and such come out. :muscle:

So my question to you is;

What’s your favourite way, or your best tip, that you’ve found to save money? :relaxed:


At the end of each week, I empty my purse of any loose change Under £1, and put it in a jar and we bank it just before Xmas, the most I’ve had saved was £700 one year.

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@Toni831 I initially read that and thought “You managed to find £700 worth of loose change in your purse? That’s well impressive!” :rofl: Silly me

I go through all my direct debits periodically (probably annually) and check I still need them, and if I can reduce them by switching supplier or negotiating a better deal. I usually manage to shave off some numbers each time I do it, it’s crazy how bills start to edge upwards if left unchecked.

That’s a good question! I feel AI seems to be the future.:robot:

I saw a tip for paying off multiple credits accounts that I loved and just got my partner to try. I’m very big on reducing regular monthly outgoings and this clicked with me.
Starting with your lowest debt, pay double per month to pay off sooner. Once paid off, roll that amount over on to your next debt.
For a few months you’re technically not better off but you get rid of credit so much easier, have better money leftovers for saving and ramp up your credit score (I think?!)

So difficult to do as I very rarely have cash anymore!