Where is my money

My money was due to arrive yesterday 9th of September but I still haven’t received anything, gotten In touch with customer care no one is responding, this isn’t the first this is happening and I think I’m getting fed up with this app. The concept is good but the stress isn’t worth it.

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Hi :wave:

We are really sorry to hear that.

For more details, we will need to take a look into your Plum account.

Could you contact us via ‘chat to human’ in the app, or by emailing help@withplum.com please? Our support team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you!

- The Plum Team

Did you ever get your money back or are they still holding it?

Money was eventually released, I still don’t know why it was delayed but they say the same thing all the time “technical issues and stuff”.

Do you mind me asking how long? I’ve been frozen out for 33 days now without any reason. When I post on here they actually delete the posts. Emails remain unanswered. And I have no idea why. I’m beginning to think they got a serious internal control issue somewhere.