Withdraw money not arriving in bank account

Hi, I withdrew nearly £200 from my plum pockets account on the 26th of June and normally the money arrives in my bank account instantly. It’s been over a week now and the money still hasn’t arrived in my actual bank account. I raised this with the “talk to a human” help and the first person I spoke to didn’t help me with anything and never even got back to me… i was told
To sign up to the status information which I did and waited for the email to tell me it was back working correctly which I received but still didn’t get my money. The second person I have spoken to has tried to be as helpful as possible which I’m grateful for but is still waiting for a response out of the tech team which she inquired about last Thursday. I don’t seem to be getting any closer to getting my money and nobody seems to know what’s going on and I could really do with having my money. If anyone could speed this process up or give me any information I would be extremely grateful

Hey Jack,

Apologies for any inconvenient caused.

We were performing an issue that has already being resolved, the fix might take some time to reach all our user. However, please do not worry about your funds as they are safe and protected with Plum.

In order to provide you with more information about the estimate of arrival, we will have to take a look at your account.

Could you please contact us at help@withplum.com so we can check your Plum account and assist you further?

Once again apologies for this delay and we are looking forward to hearing from you to assist you with this matter.

The Plum Team

I have just emailed in response to your message, thank you for getting back to me and I really hope this gets resolved as I really need my money! Thanks

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Have emailed and nobody has responded to me