Withdrawal error


It’s been almost a WEEK since a can’t withdraw my money! Do you understand that I need it urgently???

Everyday I talk with someone from the Support ( Sinda, Kubra…) But they seem not to have an idea about what is happening and I CAN’T WAIT NO MORE!!! I AM SUPER ANGRY BECAUSE I TOLD A LOT OF COMPLIMENTS to my friends about Plum now I will tell about my horrible experience!
What is happening with Plum?? Where is my money? What’s the problem WHY IT TAKES SO LONG ???



Hello Alm!

I can see that you spoke with one member of our team two days ago requesting the cancellation of all your pending deposit, our colleague has proceeded successfully with the cancellation of the pending deposit.

On the other hand, I can see that there are some pending deposits that could not be cancelled due to the arrival date and that the funds were already taken. To know when they will arrive please go to pocket and check the estimate date of arrival to know when you will be able to withdraw the funds.

Please bear in mind that the funds take 4 working days to arrive in your primary pocket!

In case of any further doubt please contact us via ‘Chat with human’ in the app of emailing s at help@withplum.com .

Thank you!

  • The Plum Team

Alm did you ever get your money back? I see you clearly asked for your money back and we’re obviously very stressed. But Oswaldo just ignored you and talked about 4 days etc etc.

I have the same issue. I’ve not had access to my money for over a month now. They just ignore my emails. They have no idea what they’re doing and get off on causing this stress.


It was very exhausting … and frustrating.
I finally had my money back but after 1month and in 3 parts. And I was everyday sending them messages and complaining to the support.

Once I got all my money I deleted my account forever. I feel like our money is not safe with Plum, they are not able to provide all of our savings once we want it back

Good luck, and text the support everydayr and try to withdraw everyday until you take all of your money

Did they ever give a reason? I just can’t see one. They froze my account back end of August now and they’ve been literally ignoring the 10 emails a day I’m sending. This Oswaldo guy that replied to these threads literally deletes the thread when I raise the issue here.

Why did they send it back in 3 parts? Why would then need to do that.

They’re screwing me over. I’m missing bill payments now because I never thought I wouldn’t have access to my cash. Cash is supposed to be instant access. That’s why it’s not in equities!

They’re a bunch of kids in bedrooms in Athens somewhere I’m convinced of it. No way have any of them ever actually worked in UK Regulated institutions before. The whole FCA regulation thing for Plum is a sham and I’m in the process of discussing their sign off with the FCA.

We can see that your case is handled by the relevant teams which are in close and ongoing communication with you. As previously explained, Plum is a regulated institution and obliged to follow certain rules issued by supervisory and regulatory bodies and conduct ongoing checks. Since you are in contact with the relevant teams, we will not provide any other details or response under this public post for ensuring that your personal data and details are fully protected and not exposed. Our agents will keep you updated and reach out to you with an update.

In 3 parts in 3 different days… because they were not able to provide the whole sum I guess. They never gave me the real reasons, look they told me it was my bank’s fault and that my bank blocked the withdrawals wich is false when I asked my bank.

Fun fact: they said my bank was blocking the withdrawal, but they still managed to regularly take money from my bank.

Until now I don’t know how I got my money back thought I will never do it. Another fun fact: i was so desperate I ordered their new debit card to try to withdraw in a ATM, lol it was a total FAIL. Even the debit card didn’t work…

Don’t give up even if it takes you a month , don’t let them take your savings